Lead Instructors

Jay Kerwin

Jay is a certified Skydiver, SCUBA diver, Student Pilot and has had E.M.T. Medical training. He has been an athlete all his life competing in Wrestling, Football and Track and Martial Arts.

Jay is a Natural Body Building Competitor. He has competed and won in West Coast Competitions including the INFB.

Jay continues his passion of fitness by operating Boot Camp L.A. with his wife, Marcella Kerwin. When he’s not helping recruits to achieve their personal bests, he helps individuals achieve their fitness goals with personal one-on-one training.

Jay completed a project with DeePak Chopra and Jack Canfield which resulted in his new book Stepping Stones to Success.


Disclaimer: Jay Kerwin is not a military officer nor has he ever been. Additionally, any reference made by third parties online or in the media to Jay being a member of the U.S. Navy or a Navy SEAL is inaccurate.

We have the utmost respect and admiration for all who have served this country and we sincerely apologize to all for any misunderstanding. We have taken and will continue to take steps to address all concerns. Specifically we are working to ensure that the correct information is published in all source and third party materials.







Marcella Kerwin,

has been an athlete since the age of 10, resulting in several Track and Field competitions. Her favorite competing in California in the Women’s 400 meter and 4 x 400 Women’s relay.

She. continues to train and is an advocate/spokesperson for promoting fitness programs for adults and kids in educational facilities that do not offer fitness programs.

She oversees recruits ongoing progress in Boot Camp, and trains clients one to one to help individuals reach their fitness goals!

One of her favorite quotes! "You just have to believe - now go ahead and give me four more sit ups - because I believe you can!"


The Major and LT!





If you feel like it is time to make a change

we are here to help you do it!

Anything is possible and

We promise to make it fun!


Nothing is more rewarding than watching

Boot Camp LA Warrior's bodies

changing daily,

right before our very eyes!










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